The most important tip that would would give is for you to get across your passion for the subject. You should start your personal statement by telling us right from the outset about your personal interest in the subject. Don’T leave it to the last minute to tell us My advice for writing. Your personal statement is to remember that it is just that It is personal.

There is no such things as a perfect personal statement. We want to see who you are and what drives your academic interests. For example, if you are interested in a particular author movement or historical moment, you might want to show evidence that you’ve done further independent reading or research on the topic and that you are really interested in studying that course at university. But don’t just list the books or moments that you are interested in We’re interested in hearing about your response to these topics and how that response has impacted your thinking and perhaps drives your future career plans.

My tip would be to look at your application as a whole form the perspective of an admissions tutor. Hopefully you have done your research, so you know what the universities you are applying to are looking for in perspective students. Is there anything in your application?

That is slightly unusual, unexpected that might cause an admissions tutor to think abit. If there is, then the personal statement is the place to address that those aspects of your application. So what we really really like to see is evidence that you go out there and seize the opportunities other than the norm, So go climb, a mountain go and do a sponsored bike. Ride become a mentor at school, go and join a club or society learn a new skill. Anything like that will look really good.

On your personal statement, I think, when writing your personal statement, it’s really important to think carefully about the structure and content of your personal statement. Clearly on any degree programme, there is a lot of written work that needs to be done so as admissions tutors. We want to see from your statement that you have a good style and approach to writing. One particular thing to think about is your attention to detail in your writing style. The structure of your statement is always an area of focus. We want to see that it fits together well with a consistent argument and approach running through it, making a coherent whole and another key point would be to proof: read your work carefully in order to avoid grammatical and spelling errors, These can slip in really easily.

So if you read your statement again and again check it very thoroughly, that will hopefully eliminate all errors, which would other wise, create a poor impression.